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  • Uniformed Guards

  • Freedom Security Co. offers uniformed guard services. Making a presence at your vicinity and event, our team of professionals are organized tactical, professional, and identifiable.

    Freedom Security Co. offers uniformed guard services for various type of services and clients, and we guarantee the safety of you and your assets.

    We carefully select our guards including in-depth background checks. All of our guards are professionally trained and uphold the highest standard of professionalism, which is a core tenant of our foundation. They are also prepared for any situation, armed with the knowledge of first aid, customer service, fire prevention and even use of force, our guards have only two goals: to make the best effort to protect your interests and to provide a safe and secured environment for you and the general public.

    When they are on guard, they focus only on providing the best security service that is above the industry standard. So you can have a true peace of mind!