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  • Home Security

  • Consult with one of our security specialists, on the newest technology to keep your home safe and secure.

    We provide the most advanced technologies to safeguard your home,.

    We understand your home is a place you cherish, and we hold the same belief. Because of that, while providing security services, we consider your home as if it was our own. Our all-round protection includes: burglary protection, video surveillance, fire prevention, carbon monoxide detection, flood protection, etc. Contact us today at (419) 777-6111, to learn about the additional services we provide for home security.

    Our monitor center provides continuous 24-7 support service, and we work tirelessly at any situation, to closely monitor your home. We will immediately contact the appropriate emergency departments (police, fire department, or emergency medical service) once an alarm notice is received.

    Our professionally trained consultants and technicians will assist you with their experienced knowledge and skills to setup the arrangement that best meets your needs, installing the most optimal system for your home. Not only will we do our best, but we will exceed the industry standard to protect the place you and your family cherish.