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  • About Us

  • Freedom Security is a leading service provider in the security industry, rooted in Toledo, Ohio. We are founded on principles of integrity and professionalism; and never compromise on those principles, as well as our quality of service.  We provide service not only which is up to the standard, but above and beyond for our clients.  

    Our team of professionals have obtained certifications such as TWIC (‚ÄčTransportation Worker Identification Credential) and are currently working at major ports of the city. We aim to expand our service on land: from basic perimeter security to safeguarding our clients on the digital front. Rest assured that you will always be protected by our outstanding security service professionals, which in turn can give you true peace of mind.
    In order to live up our own standard, we seek the best candidates, train them thoroughly and equip them with the latest technologies so they are able to perform their duties at the highest degree. Additionally, we constantly keep our guards up to date with the latest industry knowledge; because we believe that security guards who are armed with the best information and knowledge possible; are the guards which can provide service that exceeds our client's’ expectations.   

    We also obtain state-of-the-art technologies for our clients locations, tirelessly monitoring your property, serving as a bridge for our guards and clients. Freedom Security has one main goal: to provide quality, above and beyond security service to ensure our clients that they are in good hands. Your Freedom Secured!